Clothes, cultures & traditions

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• The outcomes: By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
1. Say the Arabic names of some clothes.
(قميص – بنطلون/بنطال/سروال – جينز- شورت – جاكيت – بلوفر – بدلة – بدلة رياضية – بلوزة – جيبة/تنوره - فستان).
2. Ask the question “What are you/is he/is she wearing? ماذا ترتدى / يرتدى / ترتدى؟”
3. Answer the question using “I am / he is / she is wearing ……….”
" أنا أرتدى / هو يرتدى / هي ترتدى ..........."
4. Compare the Arabic names of the pieces of clothes with the English ones.
5. Connect between the women dress code in the Arab world and religion.
6. Describe their clothes & their colleagues clothes too
7. Design a project about (clothes-cultures & countries) can you recognize the country through people's clothes? Proof.
8. Recognize some traditional clothes from different countries all over the world.

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