Chinese food

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Standard Outcomes for Learning (ACTFL Standard 1.1)—Answer’s the question, what should students know, understand, and be able to do as a result of the lesson?
1. The students are able to know the differences between American Chinese Food and real food in China.
2. The students are able to say “noodles, roast duck, hot pot, toufu, fish and sugar coated haws on a stick” in Chinese and show their appreciation by using “xi huan” or “bu xi huan”(like or don’t like) .
Step 2—Assessment Evidence
Performance task—What will students do to show what they have learned?
1. The students will answer the question “Do you like…?” in Chinese by using 喜欢/不喜欢..
2. The students will get familiar with names of some American Chinese foods and real Chinese foods.

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