A World Language Festival

Zheng Meng

Students from my Chinese class and other world language classes can celebrate a world language festival by putting on language shows. There should be students hosts or hostesses speaking in Chinese and other world languages. Typical shows include singing, tongue-twister, dubbing the movies, dramas, dances,a rewarded pop-quiz during the shows testing about basic facts of China and other relevant countries. We'll also invite students from the band class to perform some typical Chinese songs, students from the cooking class to provide some Chinese style of cooking as snacks or food; teachers of my Tai Chi Program can put on a show of Tai Chi. Students taking Chinese in the University nearby and Chinese students studying in the university can be invited as audience or guest speakers. Volunteers from National Honor Society or school clubs can be invited to help out too. Parents, school admin team, officials at local district office, people in the community are all welcome to join us. One thing to bear in mind is, collaboration with music teachers, sewing teachers and world language department must be planned in advance.

The event will probably be held either in the auditorium of Newberg High School (NHS) or at the local Cultural Center. Estimated time is around early May, when students have learned quite a lot of Chinese words and are able to show people their language skills.

NHS has Spanish, German, French classes, yet they've never celebrated a language festival, many students don't have a chance to show their progress or language capability. Where I work in China, we have around 6 world language classes and hold an annual world language festival, which is always an inspiration for students to work hard on the target language and gives students from non-world language classes a chance to look into a different culture. It will also be a window for people in the community.