Social Activities and Festvals

Ezzat Hassan

Social Activities

It is nice to use social activities and festivals to talk about yourself , your religion, your cultures and traditions.That`s why I have visited a nearby senior place called Parker Place. We set a schedule to go there , talk to people there and listen to them.Then I have an idea .There are some Egyptian families in my community . I suggested going there all the year round and celebrate with them our festivals .We can make Egyptian foods, bring kids there , sing our songs and do our authentic activities in this place.I begin by myself first. I will be there on 10/16/2015 to talk about the beginning of the new Arabic Lunar year. Then I can ask many Egyptians to come with me the following times. The event which needs much preparation and effort is celebrating the birth of our prophet . This year it will be on 12/24/2015, so it will be a great occasion to celebrate it with the christmas. These two events will not be on the same date again until 2055.This event is important to help people in the community know about our culture and We can know about the American culture. It will be a good chance for Egyptian families in the community to visit these people all the year round after I leave and establish lifelong relationships with them.