Organizing a New Year Gala

Jia Lili

I intend to organize a New Year Gala. Parents, guardians, students from Walnut Elementary and feeder school, staff faculty are all welcome. The project will take about two months during which the students will be able to learn about Chinese language and culture and finally present their Gala on 5th, Feb in the MTR.
First of all, I will make full use of the “Genius Hour” and ‘’Chinese Culture” time in my schedule to teach Chinese Kongfu, fan dance, simple Chinese skits (like the legend of New Year. So people will know how Chinese New Year came into being) and costume show (students wear costumes from different dynasties with explanation of the history). We also plan to build two lions with upper graders and perform lion dance in nearby communities and schools (we already have the drums now). Meanwhile, I will try to encourage staff members and parents volunteers to make dumplings and “nian gao”(a kind of new year cake representing a better following year in China) together with me.
Not only will the students learn much about the Chinese language and culture during the process but we will try to make the event a blockbuster, as influential as possible, enabling more people to know about Chinese culture. Local media will be invited too.
In addition, the International Department of No.1 School in Hebei province (the school where I work in China) will send a group of students every year to US. schools during winter break (last year they went to Pennsylvania), and I will discuss with the Dean Mr. Zhao whether they can drop by here(he still needs to discuss with the parents and students). If that happens, it would be awesome.