New Year Celebration

Ni Fenfen

Before the New Year, the teacher can take the students who take Madarin lessons to go on a field trip to Phoenix to buy stuff for New Year celebration and go to the China cultural center to visit Chinese restaurants and shops that sell traditional Chinese products.
Then we will hold a Chinese Night to celebrate the Spring Festival. The New Year celebration will take place in the school auditorium since it is an open area in the school’s 100 building. We will invite the mayor, the school’s administrators, the teachers, the school board, parents and senior citizens and other community members. All the school students are welcome to participate. We will put on a show, which may include singing Chinese songs, Chinese fashion show, Chinese poem recital. We may cooperate with the school’s theater teacher and kids to make the show more professional and more interesting.
The event may happen on Feb. 5th (Friday) or Feb. 8th (Monday).
I think the students who take Madarin lessons can benefit a lot from the field trip and organizing a Chinese night can help them feel proud that they can make use of what they have learned to share with other students and community members. And the community can have a better understanding of China’s spring festival and Chinese culture.