Charlotte Regan

My name is Charlotte Regan and I am the Assistant Principal at Buxton Center Elementary. I am excited to share with you that we have two Exchange Teacher's in our building this year teaching Mandarin. Part of their expectations are engaging with the community through Outreach Presentations. I would be happy to set this up if you're interested. The following is an introduction to our teachers:

Weng Yu is Co-teaching an immersion grade one classroom at BCES. She is originally from Changchun, China. She has worked as a high school English teacher in Beijing and most recently taught 7th grade. She enjoys drawing and reading books. During her first month here she has been impressed with how friendly and sincere the people are. She is living with a host family in Buxton and has been impressed with their hospitality. She is excited to teach her native language to students and experience American Culture. She also would love to share about Chinese drawings and calligraphy.

Cheng Li is teaching Mandarin to all Kindergarten students at BCES and K students from the other elementary schools in RSU #6. She is originally from Chengdu, China. She has taught in a private foreign language school as an English teacher for 11 years and most currently has been an English teacher and research group leader in a middle school. Ms. Li enjoys reading, acting, and traveling. She is excited to learn more about US teaching methodologies and has been impressed so far with teachers in Buxton. She finds it interesting that they all decorate and personalize their classrooms and has already learned many different teaching strategies. She has also been impressed with the use of technology to help engage students. She is looking forward to sharing about ancient Chinese culture as well as present history.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in setting up an Outreach presentation. I can be reached through email or feel free to contact me at the number below.


Charlotte Regan