How do Chinese people celebrate the Spring Festival

Feng Yu

My goal is try to tell more things about Chinese traditional things and how do Chinese people's live looks like to American people including students, parents, and coworkers with some interesting ways. so I am planning to design a drama performance in the school first and then we can play the drama in different schools if it possible.
I am trying to design the scene like all the family members are having the Chinese New Year Eve during the Chinese New year in January, to give people the visual impressions about how different in the New Year in China, and what will people eat and do during this time. and we will decorate the classroom or stage with a lot of Chinese elements. and we will have music , kids can sing Chinese songs and read the Chinese poems, grandparents are telling the stories to Kids. and family members are making dumplings together. and try to set off the fake firecrackers together.
In this project, I can invite the PTO ( Parents& Teacher Organization) to get in which I believe they are willing to help. in the case more and more people can involved in this project and get to know more things about China and Chinese traditional things.
And in the project, I will having my Kindergarten kids and few of fifth grade kids( which i gave them the presentation before) to play this drama, and some of the Kindergarten teachers will also participate in it.