A field trip to Los Angeles Zoo

Hamdi Ahmed

The students at elementary schools are fond of watching animals. They are curious to learn about them. Three classes with a number of 60 students at Cowan Avenue Elementary School will go to los Angeles zoo.They will be accompanied by Their teachers Ms Ryan, Ms. samelson Ms. Ponton, a coach and me On December the Fourth 2015 for a whole day. We will see different types of animals and the Botanical Gardens. Students will be encouraged to ask and answer questions about the different animals that are known in the Arab world and they will say simple sentences about them in Arabic. They will also describe them. There will be pair work and group work with a guide from the students. There will be games and puzzles about animals in Arabic. I will also show them some Egyptian food. This project will help the students to relate and connect what they have learned to the real life. Students like imitating so the student can be a guide for his family and talk in Arabic during visiting the zoo later on.