Exchange students during Summer time between my host school and my Chinese school

Chen Manman

I'm working in Nanjing Foreign Language School in China. As a Foreign language school, most of the students want to further their study abroad. However, they are not sure if they can fit the new culture quickly. They don't have the chance to try before they make a decision.
On they other hand, I found that my American students are also curious about China. They would love to travel in China, but airplane, hotel, traffic... There are so much to concern about to travel in a foreign country which is so far away from America.
I'm thinking about the two school can exchange students and provide dormitory, host family, food, transportation and some of the travelling and activities. They can even provide some of the classes the students might be interested in. For example, the Chinese School can provide something like Chinese paper cut, Taiji, Beijing Opera...; the American school can provide something like Social class, language class...
The students just have to pay the flight tickets. The receiving schools will take responsible for their trip. It won't be long. Maybe just one or two weeks, but I think that will be much better than traveling with the traveling group. It will be much safer, less expensive and more authentic. If they can exchange during a special time, like Chinese students come at Christmas, and American students go during Spring Festival, that will be more fun. And if they can establish a stable relationship between each other, they can have more communication and collaboration not only in teaching but also in culture affairs.