Establish a sibling school connection between schools in China and US

Li Long

Even before I came to America, I have had this idea the whole time to establish a sibling school connection between my host school in Norwalk, CT and my home school in Fujian, China, which will enhance the interests of both American students learning Chinese and Chinese students learning English. I was thinking about bring the 8th grade students in my host school, Roton Middle School to China at the end of February, which is Chinese new year. In this way, the American students have a chance to see Chinese New Year themselves and get to know Chinese culture, the students in my home school will also have a chance to talk to American students in person, get to know American school life and emhance their interest in learning English. If possible, the principal of my host school Roton Middle School will also go with us, so the principal of both school will meet and discuss about the details of establish the sibling school connection, giving the students a real-life reason for studying each other’s language. What’s more, also open doors for future students, teachers and school leaders exchanges.