Egyptian Day

Amany Kasab

My school made an international Day last year introducing many cultures. So, hosting an Egyptian teacher and teaching Arabic in the school for the first time, I was thinking of making an Egyptian Day. This project can take place at the end of the first term or in the second term. Parents, teachers and students will be invited to attend. The Arabic class students will prepare all the activities and shows. Everything will be related to the Egyptian culture. The day will include serving Egyptian food. Students will perform a funny sketch in Arabic. They will also present an Egyptian fashion show. They will also present presentations about what they have learnt (from outreach classes) about the Egyptian culture. some of their Arabic projects and early videos learning Arabic will be showed to the parents.
Students will also reflect in words about teaching Arabic for the first time in their school. The day will take place at John W. Lavelle Charter School. Though some parents are excited about this new experience, some of them are concerned because students will study it for only one year. So I guess this Day may show them how beneficial the experience is and how much did the students learn and touch by themselves how excited and interested are the students.