cultures for the chinese spring festivals

Yang Huaixia

in my school ,this semester i only can teach the students until december 24 ,for them ,they cant know more about chinese ,in december ,i want to teach students more culture .as a summary of 3 months learning and give them a good beginning of next years learning ,
first ,i will let the students do some performance for we have learned not only the language but also the topics of chinese culture ,they can perform in the big activities in the school .
they also have a big performance for spring festival .
and culture month they will perfermance all the cultures of they have know to their family and community member .
that is the biggest deal in the year ,we will invite all the faculty and parents guardians and communities or local people that are intrested in china and chinese culture .we will have paper cutting ,tea ceremony ,taichi performance ,sing songs ,lion dance ,draggon dance ,chinese food ,chinese calligraphy ,chinese movie
chinese opera and chinese traditional show ,i will add more ideas and thinking in the future ,and ask the local confusius district to cooperate with each other ,and make this performance in my host school and community and other communities .
i am looking forward to do that !