Cultural Festival

Gu Zhen

People here know little about China. They are very interested and very exciting to learn those difference, which touch me a lot. Since the good response of Moon Festival activities, I plan to hold a cultural festival between February and March. Every class has the opportunity to be on the stage and have more chance to engage in the culture activities..
First, performance- Kindergartener and the First Grader will have chorus,sing some simple Chinese songs. The second Grader will dance, do fashion show (make the Minority costume ) .The Third Grader to the Fifth Grader will have play- Chinese legend, story, Kongfu, Dragon dance. Second, display the Chinese fans, lanterns, knots, masks, chopsticks, boat, pictures, couplets and so on.Third, order the picture books about Chinese culture, the teachers can share the stories with the kids the first ten minutes of the lessons.Fourth, hold traditional Sports Games of Ethnic Minorities with PE teachers.
The teachers and students in Wright Elementary School, and the students and teachers in ESPIRE Program in the other three schools will take part in it.The performance is mainly in the host school. I have ESPIRE program in three other elementary schools as my outreach. If it’s permitted, we can bus the students there to perform for them. If it’s not allowed, we can display some cultural stuff that made by the students or collected by the teachers or organize some activities in their schools, so that more students and teachers can participate in it.
I expect the students know more about China, experience the school life of Chinese kids, celebrate the festivals with us and share these culture heritage with their friends, parents and relatives.