celebrate Chinese Spring festival with the students from China

Sun Qi

It was a coincidence to meet a teacher from China who is responsible for organizing cultural trips for the students in China to the United States. We planned to work together to have a Chinese cultural festival called"gei ni dai lai zhong guo nian " which in English means "bring you Chinese new year". And the cultural trip will be in February when the Chinese Spring festival falls. There will be more than 20 Chinese students to be here to my host school . we will match each Chinese student with an American student. So they have more chance to talk with each other about Chinese and American culture and language. On this festival, American students and Chinese students will work together to do presentations about Chinese calligraphy, Chinese traditional instrument, Taichi, papercutting, Chinese food and so on to make more people know more about Chinese culture. They will also sing Chinese songs together. And they will be partners for two or three days. The Chinese students can also attend the same classes with their American partner. Both of them will benefit a lot from this activity. What makes the activity more meaningful is that they can keep the activity in the following years and even get it stretched.