Arabic Magazine

Nohier Moussa

Creating an Arabic wall magazine which includes several aspects that audience whether students , parents or faculty would like to explore. These aspects may include all different works of life such as: food, fashion, celebrations, currency, geography, music, proverbs, calligraphy.......etc. Mainly students will make the small magazine to be a double edged weapon for them to do projects, research and learn new information about Egypt. Students will create a small brochure about Egypt with flyers and posters that would be given out to all departments for free as a kind of publicity and encouraging other students to join the Arabic class. The wall magazine should be as colorful and vibrant as possible to grab people's attention and it will be hung up all over the hallways and classes.
PS: This magazine will include a section for current events which probably will be updated on regular basis to cope with the latest events that take place in Egypt which will engage students to follow up with latest news and read more about the target language and Egypt.