Lindblom World Language Festival

Project Type: 
School Project
Award Project Round: 
Deadline Date: 
Monday, November 1, 2010

TCLP alumni mentor teacher Lalainya Goldsberry was approved for a project to showcase Arabic and Chinese students’ language and cultural knowledge at the Lindblom World Language Festival. A secondary goal of the project was to motivate students to begin or continue learning the Arabic or Chinese languages. The Lindblom World Language Festival itself is a competition where students from Lindblom and other schools who were taking Arabic and Chinese compete with each other in the categories of poetry recitation, talent, skits, research project, and drama. The participants were judged by Arabic and Chinese speaking judges from the community, with plaques awarded to the winners. The 2011 festival was the third year of the event, which has grown each year. Ms. Goldsberry invited Lincoln Park High School and Roosevelt High School (also TCLP alumni schools), as well as other schools offering Chinese. Students saw what their peers at other schools were accomplishing with the same language, and the progress they were making in another language.