TCLP Virtual Alumni Training Conference 2014 January

On January 14 and January 15, 2014 TCLP alumni from China and Egypt met for a Two-Day Virtual Conference about Student-Centered Teaching. Presentations lasted for 30 minutes and included group discussions. The following alumni gave overviews of effective student-centered strategies they have employed and more.
Ez Eldin Salem (2010) presented on how he benefited from participating in TCLP and discussed the best practices of student-centered instruction he learned at his U.S. host school. The presentation emphasized the importance of student-centered instruction and frankly reveals the difficulties which teachers face in the Egyptian classes when they want to make their classes student-centered. It also gives solutions and suggestions to overcome these difficulties. The presentation is supported by short video extracts from his classes in Plymouth, USA and Behera.
Zhang Juncheng (2012) presented on his experience of student-centered teaching in his elementary school in China. First, he talked about the differences of student-centered teaching between China and the U.S. Then he showed how to organize student-centered teaching in an elementary school class. The teaching plan and the learning materials gave the audience more suggestions and ideas on classroom activities and school based curriculum planning.
Marwa Elgezery (2012) presented on how movies offer an unbeatable combination of real-world language in context and cultural information integrated with text and image. In this session, alumni learned how to choose and evaluate films to use as assessments and learning activities in the classroom. Alumni also learned how to prepare and plan the film unit including choosing a good film and establishing the baseline for the unit aligned to learning objectives.