3rd Annual TCLP Alumni Virtual Conference for Host Schools

The 3rd annual TCLP Virtual Alumni Conference took place on December 10th and 11th, 2015. The topic for this year’s virtual conference was Building Sustainable Critical Language Programs.
The conference was organized with the purpose of offering strategies for making Arabic and Chinese programs sustainable after participating in TCLP. Some school district are undergoing budget cuts and participants discussed how to keep these critical languages going. Current and alumni TCLP schools met virtually during these recorded one hour-long sessions conducted by program alumni on each day.
Over the past few years, TCLP alumni schools have developed various models to successfully maintain their Chinese and Arabic language programs and provide consistent and enduring educational and social value for students after TCLP. During the 2015 Virtual Alumni Conference, U.S. host school alumni who have implemented creative ideas and practices to sustain quality critical language programs shared their experiences, offered advice, and answered questions.
Please see the attached announcement for more details about the guest speakers and their schools. To view the recordings please click the links below:
• Thursday, December 10th at 4:00 pm (EST)
Featuring: Claudine Clark and Karen Wirkkala
View the recording at: https://bit.ly/2tqBqxA
• Friday, December 11th at 4:00 pm (EST)
Featuring: Leah Christman and Jim Holifield
View the recording at: https://bit.ly/2Grnsny