Sister School Project

Capstone Abstract: 

My capstone project is to establish a sister school partnership between my host school in the US and my home school back in Egypt. STEM school is the school I work in back there in my home country and it is well known by its interest in teaching languages. This relation between My students here and back there in my country is going to open both students horizons and widen their scopes about understanding each other's cultures and different languages. It not only benefits language learning, but also broadens student’s minds by visiting or talking with people from another culture, which helps them to be global citizens. Regarding administrators, it helps them to have a glance at another educational system, to learn from their good points, and reflect on their own practice to make adjustment to be better. Before I departed, my home school had shown great interest in having a sister school in the US and arranged a Skype session with my school here to show our sincerity and welcome. I discussed that with language teachers in Roosevelt High School, who showed their willingness to establish the relationship. As planned. We will arrange sessions through Skype to help our students communicate and interact with each other.

Project Type: