a multicultural library for our school

Capstone Abstract: 

The 1st para of the capstone project
The capstone project could foster a multicultural library for our school- providing resources across themes of various texts that are represented across languages, culture folktales and representative of modalities of storytelling- books, videos, songs, holidays, etc.
We could use between $500-$3000 to offer translation units for parents- we could get speaker receiver units for live translation. We could also offer the entire school community access to texts across languages and various resources to represent the cultures of our school. We could include songs, videos, movies and create various clubs that utilize the materials- world cultures club- allowing students to be exposed to different cultures and learning about the mandarin culture.
I will share lesson resources such as my lesson plans, PPT, videos of songs and dances, hands-on activities documents and materials. I will make connections to various themes and cultural events. In his way, after I leave, the teachers of the school can still use the Mandarin material I leave to meet the needs of the school, creating multicultural resources ready for use by the school community.