Capstone Abstract

My capstone project is to establish a Chinese curriculum for my host school, Ewa Makai Middle School. Since this is the first year my host school has had Mandarin Chinese classes, I felt quite challenged when I started my teaching. How I wished that I had good resources that was suitable for my teaching context. Developing a curriculum alone is never an easy job, but I do believe it will benefit further development of this course and my successor. That is why I devoted a lot of time and energy to my capstone project.

My project includes 2 parts:
1. Lesson planning resources
1) Chinese Lessons Scope SY1819: a complete recording of all the lessons I taught in this academic year with contents I taught in each class and reflections after class.
2) Lesson Plans: teaching materials I created according to topics, including slides, tests, rubrics and resources, including my CLP materials
3) a copy of student’s portfolio
2. Chinese class supplies, the decoration we used in classroom and during Chinese New Year celebration, supplies for culture activities like brushes, paper, tea … I will leave anything that can be reused for the future Chinese teaching.

Additional Files