Capstone Abstract

Capstone Abstract #1(Arabic curriculum for 3 levels)

This is the third year for the program in my school but when I arrived, it was very difficult to find out what the students of the previous 2 years have studied!! No curriculum, guidelines, lesson plans or even materials.Therefor, I've decided to design & create a curriculum for Arabic I, II & III as one of my determined capstone projects in my school, to help - both- the students & the teacher that the school will hire the next year to have rich and authentic resources that they can use at least as guidelines. I've designed the curriculum during the first week after distributing some surveys to my students asking about what they studied last year & the new topics that they would like to learn this year. Then prepared the teaching materials & presentations, created 5 Google Classrooms & uploaded the whole work to it. Besides, leaving hard copies of everything in the Arabic room that I've prepared and more copies in the Foreign languages room.

Capstone Abstract #2 ( Arabic Language room & materials)
The school gave me a storage room that was used as a Spanish language room in the past with many paintings on the walls. Thus, I came during the first weekend, painted it -meanwhile- I asked my family in Egypt to send my some stuff & teaching materials; such as posters, objects and books and put all that in my Arabic room also made many learning & teaching aids with the help of my students.
Things that I've left in the school:

1. Arabic I, II & III curriculum.
2. lesson plans & presentations
3. weekly quizzes & monthly tests (hard copies, Google classroom & on the school website as well as online resources)
4. Flash cards & Jigsaw games.
5. posters& Maps
6. Arabic letters keyboard stickers
7. Souvenirs from Egypt
8. Worksheets & handouts.

Capstone Abstract #3 ( Arabic Club)

For everyone; whether students, parents, teachers or people from the community. We gather & talk about Arabic & Arabs stuff; letters, words, expressions, idioms or proverbs, songs, music, art, calligraphy (I have the authentic natural tools that we use in Egypt & will leave them here in the school with some other traditional clothes, souvenirs from our Egyptian ancient or Islamic culture.)The members can read & write some Arabic words also now they know a lot about Islam & Arab countries in Africa and Asia.

Capstone Abstract #4 ( Arabic Language books section in the school library)

I've bought some Arabic books & magazines as a personal contribution from me to the school, the administration & the librarian approved the idea and encourage me to create this section the help the coning teacher and the students to use these books as resources & also read the short stories and the novels for fun and entertainment not as academic use only.

Capstone Abstract #5 ( A mural to Celebrate diversity in the school)

With the help & support of the art teacher she agreed to make an amazing mural in the school on the wall of the hallway that leads to the Arabic classroom. It was great; students & teachers love it. Even the local newspaper talked about it in one of their articles. I've worked on that mural during the Christmas vacation to be a surprise for everyone when the came back to school.

Capstone Abstract #6 (Egyptian food days for the whole staff & students)

Food is one of the best interesting ways to attract people & talk about your culture.Thus, I've cooked for the whole staff twice & 3 times for my kids. Now, they all remember the names of my dishes and ask for more from time to time, Also had 2 cooking class & the third will be the last week of April. The pictures & the memories are still unforgettable here.

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