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Capstone for Moos Elementary School is a big show for students. On spring festival, we will have a showcase for all the moos Chinese mandarin learners and parents and a dragon parade with students from different grade and a Chinatown tour. It will happen around Feb since it is the spring festival. The teachers will be on the fashion show and the fifth grade will be the MC. From Pre-K to Kindergarten will show poems, songs, art, and kungfu .So we need the support with the traditional costumes for the fashion show and the showcase actors and actress .Our school is an IB school so lots of students from different backgrounds , to help spread the impact and help increase their interest in Mandarin . On the Spring festival showcase, we may hold an art show to show their calligraphy work and paper cutting work too. After the showcase ,the students will be more acknowledge with what efforts they have done in Mandarin class. And their is an old saying in China, "Food is the paramount necessity of the people", so to know more about Chinese cultures, we will hold a spring-festival campus to the Chinatown. I will lead the students and parents visit Chinatown and tell stories about Chinese food culture and try Chinese food.

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