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Chinese New Year falls on Feb. 5th this year. In order to make the local people know the Chinese culture better, on Feb, 8th from 6:00pm-8:00pm, Ms. Liu Ya, Miss. Yu Xianglu and I organized the Chinese New Year Celebration at Buxton Center Middle School. We had spent about one month in preparing this celebration. We organized the following activities: playing Ping-Pong, jumping rope, coloring, Chinese calligraphy with ink and brush, using chopsticks, paper cutting (window flower), 3D paper cutting the Chinese character“春”(means spring), making piggy lantern, making pencil holders, 3D printing key chains, singing “Happy New Year” in Chinese, reading books about Chinese Zodiac, telling the legend of “Nian”, eating dumplings and using the craft they made to get red envelope and gifts.

Li Jing's Capstone Project
Exchange Teacher
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