Capstone Abstract

Thanks to the previous TCLP, Irving Elementary School has now an Arabic corner at the school library. I noticed that the addition of a curriculum with a record of the lessons and activities Students are exposed to this year will be very beneficial, especially to future TCLPs. My capstone project is based on developing a 10 units curriculum. Units will cover topics such as family, food and drinks, sport and holidays. Through this capstone, I try to compile all the lessons and activities into one set to be a reference for future Arabic teachers at Irving School. The Following is a chart that introduces the different units.

School Year 2019/2020

1st term Unit 1: Personal Relations
Unit 2: Family
Unit 3: At School
Unit 4: Food and Drinks
Unit 5: Body and Health
2nd term Unit 6: Shopping
Unit 7: Sport
Unit 8: Hobbies
Unit 9: Travels and Means of Transportation
Unit 10: Holidays

Irving Arabic Curriculum
Exchange Teacher