Capstone Abstract

My capstone project is composed of three parts. The first is entitled the 'Foreign Languages Hour' which is part of a school project launched by the school for the purpose of teaching Arabic and Spanish for all students at school. My role in this project is recording 8–15-minute video lessons of Arabic; and the school displays them in the social studies classes every morning in the first period called 'Zero Hour'. This project does not only spread the Arabic language and culture inside the school, but it also spreads it in the community. That is, the parents and the community will also have the opportunity of learning Arabic and discovering Arab and Muslim culture through these videos by having access to the Arabic course page on the school website. The second part in my project is developing a curriculum for the Arabic course that includes a syllabus, lesson plans, classroom materials, ppt presentations, flashcards, worksheets and online resources. This curriculum will be used as a reference for future Arabic teachers in Plantation Middle school. Finally, the third part of my capstone project is making weekly announcements at school about Morocco, Arab and Muslim cultural events throughout the year.