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My TCLP capstone project is to build up a whole year around’s unit plans and lesson PPT slides and worksheet exercises for Chinese Level One. As students in Bodine High School don’t own any textbooks, a teacher needs to spend a lot of time in preparing the teaching material, including presentation slides, clips of videos, teaching aids, word cards, flash cards, worksheet and classwork. It usually takes me three hours to prepare PPT slides, copy worksheets, word cards or teaching aids every day. So I started to think since the beginner level is the starting point of learning and is always required to teach at the first place, it would be much better if some fundamental resources were available for the next coming teachers, so that he or she could focus on how to improve the curriculum or the better way to carry out the lesson plan or seek better classroom management, or spare more efforts to enhance communication with certain types of students, or spend more time to observe other teachers’ class in order to reflect how to improve their own.

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