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The title of my capstone is Chinese Culture Showcase. My Mandarin class students demonstrated what they had learned in Mandarin class. They chose one aspect they like and demonstrated to the whole Apex program students from 5th grade to 8th grade including the students from Spanish classes and their parents. There were seven stations: 1, Chinese song performance and gongfu fan dance. 2, traditional fashion show. 3, Chinese food cooking. 4,Chinese zodiac and culture items. 5,Chinese painting and calligraphy. 6, Chinese food culture and chopsticks competition. 7, Blue and white porcelain design. With the support of my principal, director and mentor, I organized the whole event successfully. I also reached out to other schools to borrow some props and Chinese culture items like Beijing Opera masks, Qipao, Taiji fans,ect. I am grateful to the people who provided support and help. This project enhanced my students interest for learning Mandarin and also expanded the influence of the Chinese program in this host school. It successfully attracted the attention of lower graders and a lot of interest for taking Mandarin class.

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