Capstone Abstract

 My mentor and I would like to design a capstone project for Chinese chess called Xiangqi, which is played on the 64 two-toned squares, Chinese chess is played on the intersection of the lines, known as points, that form the squares. This pattern was familiar to the Chinese from the game of go.We plan to organize a team of students to visit the community that introduces the school’s program to explain the rules by sharing. We will have some videos about the rules and competitions. In addition, there will be videos with my voice demonstrating pronunciation as a native speaker. We will start knowing the characters first, and then teach the students some rules step by step. There are several online Chinese chess games for students to practice at home.The benefits of learning Chinese Chess are better focus, improved logical thinking, better problem-solving skills, mind training and brain development, learning through adversity, and learning from one’s mistakes. These benefits really help the students at Tommy’s Road Elementary learn better not only culturally but also mentally.

Project Type