Capstone Abstract

I divided my capstone project into three parts:
1-Henna tattoos party
The first part is An afternoon Henna tattoo party open to students and faculty at LHS with the objective of introducing the henna traditions in Morocco. The audience goes through different sections to learn about the Henna Plant: Lawsonia Inermis, its tree: the mignonette, look at samples of dried Henna leaves and the Henna powder... the exchange teacher introduces the material used as well as the tattoo styles and significance of the signs then the audience watches a documentary about bridal Henna traditions in Morocco before choosing their own tattoos and applying Henna.
2-The second part is another afternoon party with Moroccan traditional attire and food tasting as themes. The most famous Moroccan salads, main dishes and deserts are chosen to be prepared and presented to the audience with explanatory videos about the ingredients and preparation before the tasting. The guests also participate in a Moroccan tea preparation workshop and are offered a variety of Moroccan dresses to try and take photos in.
3-Equipe the school and library with material for teaching the Arabic script and books in Arabic.