Capstone Abstract

My capstone is about having an Arabic Club. I have already launched the Arabic Club in my school since the beginning of October. The Arabic club takes place in room B303 every Tuesday. The Arabic Club has included lots of activities such as 12 online sessions between native speakers and the participants of the club. Native speakers have included volunteers (Syrian refugees) from NaTakalm and some of my Egyptian students. Also, I have conducted Calligraphy sessions and Hieroglyphic sessions for the participants. At the end of the Arabic Club, I have planned and led a field trip in March to highlight the activities presented in the club.

The National Geographic Museum Field Trip Lesson Plan


The mission of the National Geographic Museum is to bridge international and cultural distances and to make the students understand and accept the differences they will encounter in our increasingly global society. And as a part of connecting Egyptian culture and history to students’ learning, I will conduct a fieldtrip to the National Geographic Museum to have an eye opener for our students on Ancient Egyptian history.

Students will use their Arabic classroom experience in interpreting the collection and will benefit by gaining tremendous insight into this great culture.

Learning objectives:

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
1- Identify 6 names of Egyptian queens.
2- Write 5 sentences in Arabic about one of the Egyptian queens.
3- Identify the symbolism of Egyptian Gods and Goddess in ancient Egypt.
4- Present about life in ancient Egypt.

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