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In order to meet the needs of our community's understanding for the growing DLI program in our school, we planned this calligraphy mural capstone and involved 23 students practicing calligraphy characters to write the Chinese poem On the Stork Tower《登鹳雀楼》for about two months in the morning training session alone(the whole process for the calligraphy part is around 5 months from the introductory classes for the whole school to the after-school clubs and the selected 23 students' morning training session), which stimulated all the 103 DLI students and 32 Chinese enrichment class students in our school a lot to learn more Chinese. And as a whole, all the 472 students and 48 teachers in our school as well as the 6722 Batesville citizens are greatly impressed by the murals too. The school DLI program is better understood now and more and more people know Betesville because of its unique multi-culture brought by the murals both in our school and in the downtown center. We are proud of ourselves.

Attached is my capstone final report with details about my calligraphy capstone. And you will find the sharp contrast between the students' first work and their last ones in writing calligraphy. They are only grade 3 to grade 5 students but they made really big progress in writing calligraphy. You will get impressed a lot by them.

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