Capstone Abstract

My capstone is called "build up connection for the students from the home school and host school". 

The purpose of this project is to:

1. Develop appreciation for and fluency in both languages.

2. Expand their international perspective.

3. Develop partnerships and share ideas and interests with each other.

  4.  Enhance their cross-culture       awareness.

I chose 12 students from either school to participate in the project.  Considering this is the first time for them to meet students from another country, I asked them to record a video to introduce themselves. So they can have general impression about each other. Besides Chinese club, I also created google classroom to help American students learn more Mandarin. On April 28, I hosted the zoom meeting for them and the students were all happy and excited to meet the peers from another country. After the meeting, they said they couldn't wait to meet again next time. 

I felt very happy to provide them such a  good chance to meet peers from another country. I believe they can benefit a lot from this project. 

After I go back to China, I will help them to meet at zoom once a month. In this way, they can continuously connect with each other and keep the program going on.

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