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The Arabic Culture Showcase

In this project , the students will showcase their skills in learning Arabic to other students , parents , and teachers. The event will be held in the media center in Plantation Middle school On the last Sat of , April 2023. There will be six partitions with different groups of students. The first is to write the names of the guests in Arabic on Cartouches. The second is to prepare welcome drinks for the guests like hibiscus , tamarind, tea, etc.

The third is to share the work and the projects that the students  participated in throughout the year. The fourth is to prepare some Arabic food – to go like falafel wraps , and tabula. The fifth will have some activities and gifts for younger kids . The six will be to give away shirts and talk about the program. The students will also be event organizers and will greet the visitors in Arabic. The aim of the showcase is to promote the Arabic program in Plantation Middle school

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