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When I arrived in Leicester Middle School, I went to the library looking for Arabic books or Arabic instructional Aids to help me in creating my lesson plans. I found none. The school has a large library but no Arabic books, bilingual dictionaries or books for teaching or learning Arabic as a foreign language. My idea is to establish an Arabic corner for students and staff members who want to know more about the Arabic language and culture.

After a few months, I noticed that students and teachers in the school are avid readers. They read book from different genres. To become curious about a language, you can start by reading translated novels that are a representative of the variety of genres in the literature of that language. Therefore, I decided to supply the library with books for learning the language such as books for teaching the alphabet, bilingual dictionaries, books for improving handwriting both Naskh and Reqaa, and some short stories in Arabic, plus a number of Egyptian famous novels and comics that are translated from Arabic to English.

Arabic Corner in the Library
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