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When I was at Irving Elementary School in Bozeman, Montana I found that the school library has no resources for Arabic so I thought it would be a good idea to launch an Arabic Corner at the school library. I contacted some professors in Egypt asking for their recommendations about the best resources to be included in that library section.

They were very cooperative in providing me with the necessary information in this field .I talked to the school library and the school principal asking for school financial support in purchasing the required material. They were really a YES person and we purchased some of the Arabic full courses such as LIVING LANGUAGE ,ARABIC BETWEEN YOUR HANDS AND ALTAKKALUM .
A bilingual dictionary was added as well along with some posters and Arabic stories for kids.
The school librarian told me that she is telling the kids Arabian stories from the Arabic Corner .To my astonishment , one of the fifth graders told me that he has borrowed the English Arabic dictionary to find more about Arabic vocabulary.

Through that corner, future Arabic teachers, community members, kids and their parents can use the resources available at the school library.

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