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Mohamed Ismail Elbayoumy Abdelsamad
(Samannoud, Egypt )
Arabic Teacher
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Mohamed Abdelsamad is from Samannoud, Egypt and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education. He received a diploma in school management in 1996. He currently teaches at Hellgate High School, Missoula, Montana. He is a member of the Arabic Advisory Council for MCPS. He has collaborated with the University of Montana in some events and conferences. He has participated in many training courses, including TTI at Georgia State University, CRM at Tanta, INSET, INTEL, and ICDL. In 2003, he attended COTE at the American University in Cairo. Mohamed has presented at a number of national conferences about education and CALL. He has also published a number of articles and poems of Egyptian literature. Mr. Mohamed also enjoys writing poetry and novels. As a teacher with the Teachers of Critical Languages Program, he looks forward to enhancing American students’ awareness of the Arabic language and culture.