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Introducing the 2016-2017 TCLP Alumni Cohort Leaders

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

TCLP announced the new alumni cohort leaders for the 2016-2017 group: Wang Yu and Yahya Ismael.  

TCLP alumni have made an impact in their home countries through collaborative projects and trainings that benefit their fellow educators and students. Working together alumni have been able to deliver workshops or cultural exchange opportunities for their local communities. In helping to facilitate collaborations and communication between fellow alumni, cohort leaders play a special role in sharing program opportunities and information. Alumni cohort leaders also reach out to their peers for updates on their professional careers or initiatives they are pursuing. Alumni cohort leaders help support TCLP goals in China and Egypt. TCLP is pleased to announce the new alumni cohort leaders for the 2016-2017 group: Wang Yu and Yahya Ismael.

Ms. Wang is originally from Changchun, China and has worked as a high school English teacher in Beijing Chaoyang Foreign Language School since 2006, where she currently teaches seventh graders and works as the leader of English teachers for that grade. She taught Chinese language and culture to approximately 21 students at Buxton Center Elementary School in Buxton, Maine. She conducted some 91 hours of interdisciplinary outreach, and participated in about 135 hours of professional development. During the spring term, Ms. Wang volunteered with her host school’s drama club by teaching students to read the Chinese poem “Ballad of Mulan” to help them understand the historical legend behind their performance. She also volunteered at a Chinese Night event organized by her host school’s parent-teacher organization in February. Ms. Wang also laid the groundwork for building a sister-school relationship with her school in China in future years.

Mr. Ismael is originally from Tuna El Gabal in El Minya, Egypt. Mr. Ismael has been a senior teacher of English at Tuna El Gabal Prep School since 2005 as well as a delegated supervisor in the Mallawi educational zone. He taught Arabic language and culture to approximately 112 students at Lewiston High School in Lewiston, Maine. He conducted some 51 hours of interdisciplinary outreach, and participated in about 139 hours of professional development. He developed the Arabic curriculum at his host school and finalized course descriptions for Arabic 1 and 2 to add to the school’s course offerings for next year. Mr. Ismael participated in the international club, delivered cross-cultural lessons for students in his host school, and conducted outreach presentations for the adult education program at his school.

Ms. Wang and Mr. Ismael are looking forward to reaching out to their cohorts and building supportive links between alumni. One great way to begin collaborating for all alumni teachers is on a CLP project! Check the alumni resources pages for information for applying for the next round of CLP alumni grants. You can also find the profiles for all TCLP alumni cohort leaders.