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Egyptian Alumni make an Impact at STEM Schools

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

TCLP alumni bring their unique experiences and skills to STEM education.  

After participating in TCLP, Egyptian alumni return to their home country with new sets of skills and firsthand experience of U.S. culture that directly benefit their students, their colleagues, and even their districts. One place in particular where the TCLP alumni are having an impact are STEM schools in Egypt. Several alumni are working at or with STEM schools to share best practices in language teaching and their experiences in the U.S.

Assiut STEM School now boasts two alumni in its staff including principal Abdelrahman Ibrahim (2012-2013) and Ahmed Salim (2014-2015). Speaking on his experience, Ahmed says he is applying all that he learned in the U.S. at his school. He is also helping students learn about scholarship opportunities to study in U.S. as well. The impact of TCLP will continue at Assiut STEM School as current 2017-2018 participant Adel Ghattas is also a teacher at the school.

On the district level, Mohamed Ismail (2011-2012) has become an English supervisor in Samanoud. He will be a supervisor for ten different schools, elementary, middle and high schools. One of his first initiatives was training Middle School English teachers in his district on project-based learning technique and other techniques he observed and learned about in the U.S. which are currently being implemented at STEM schools in Egypt to enhance language acquisition.

After going through a rigorous selection process, Wael Ahmed (2016-2017) and Ali Mohamed (2014-205) were chosen to be teachers at STEM schools in August. Both are excited to continue the TCLP impact at schools in Hurghada in the Red Sea governorate. The difference TCLP alumni are making at STEM schools is just one example of the impact alumni are having across Egypt. TCLP Egyptian alumni throughout the country are taking the initiative and using their exchange experiences to enrich student learning and advance best practices for teachers.