A video Class with the Chinese students in my home school in China

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1.Students will meet and greet their peers through the video call (3 minutes)
2.Students will perform for each other (7 minutes)
Chinese Traditional Dance ( 中国舞 Chinese Students)
Chinese Song: “Sorry, my Chinese is not so good” ( (Chariho Students)
3.Students will use their Chinese to ask the Chinese friends questions and get answers in Chinese) (15 minutes)
4.Students will have a review for the 12 zodiac animals (acting and guessing for each other in Chinese) (10minutes)
5.Students will be able to learn some pictographic characters and their evolution throughout time (15minutes)
(The Chinese students show the pictographic characters and explain the meanings and evolution and Chariho students react)
6. Students will develop some friendships with the Chinese students and they will learn something about each other’s culture (free talk,10 minutes)