Unit plan for 30 days - Second month - first semester

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By the end of this month-unit-plan, students will be able to:
1- Recognize the countries and capitals in the Arab World.
2- Ask about the nationality and where people are from.
3- Make sentences using different subject pronouns.
4- Name family members and speak about their families.
5- Use adjective to describe the shape of the body.
6- Ask questions about how others look like.
7- Name some animals and birds.
8- Name some jobs and places where people work.
9- Use some action words to describe activities and where they are performed.
10- Identify some common vehicles in the town.
11- Differentiate between time periods within a day (Re. Greetings).
12- Count from twenty to a hundred.
13- Use demonstrative pronouns to form meaningful sentences.
14- Ask about and tell the time.
15- Say the four directions (north , south, east, west)