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Unit plan for 30 days

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1- Recognize the importance of studying Arabic.
2- Know more about Egypt and the Arabic culture.
3- Greet each other in Arabic.
4- Mention some similarities and the differences between America and the Arab world in terms of greetings.
5- Introduce themselves and other people.
6- Name some vegetables and fruits.
7- Ask each other about their basic information.
8- Associate written letters with their sounds.
9- Identify and write the letters correctly in different positions.
10- Say what they like and don't like.
11- Identify the difference between Masculine and feminine.
12- Ask and answer questions (Either Yes / No and Wh Questions) and respond correctly.
13- Count from one to twenty.
14- Identify the colors.
15- Describe things in terms of the color.
15- Respond correctly to simple classroom instructions.
16- Write Arabic alphabet.
17- Name some classroom objects.
18- Differentiate between singular and plural.
19- - Say the days of the week.

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