Unit 1 School Life Topic 3: School Locations

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1.Grammar: Sequencing words
a.先…, 然后…, 最后… First…, and then…, finally (lastly)...
b.从…到… From… to ...
我每天从早上七点半到下午两点十五分上课。I go to class every day from 7:30 in the morning to 2:15 in the afternoon.
我每天下午从三点开始训练到五点半。I train from three o'clock every afternoon until half-past five.
我每周从周一到周五上课。I go to classes every week from Monday to Friday.
我每天先刷牙,再洗脸,然后吃早饭。I brush my teeth every day, wash my face, and then have breakfast.
我每天先上数学课,再上英文课,然后上中文课。I go to math class every day, then go to English class, and then take Chinese class.
每天晚上,我先吃饭,再做作业,然后睡觉。Every night, I eat first, do my homework, and then go to sleep.

2.Vocabulary: 1. This year 今年 2. Last year 去年 3. Semester 学期 4. Class schedule 课程表 5. Measure word 门(量词) 6. Think, feel 觉得 7. Easy 容易 8. Hard 难 9. Not/interest 有/没意思 10. Test 考试 11. Plan 打算 12. To attend 参加 13. To choose 选 14. Extracurricular 课外活动 15. Team 队 16. Club 社团
3.复习上次的课文《王小月选课》Review the last lesson "Wang Xiaoyue Elective Course"
4.学习新课文《佟大壮的一天》Learn a new lesson, "A Day of Tong Dazhuang"
Learn new vocabulary about the location of the school.
1. School 学校 2. Classroom 教室 3. Upstairs 楼上 4. Downstairs 楼下 5. Front side 前面 6. Backside 后面 7. Left side 左边 8. Right side 右边 9. Middle 中间 10. On the side 旁边 11. Cafeteria 食堂 12. Assembly hall 礼堂 13. Gym 体育馆/场 14. Library 图书馆 15. Lab 实验室 16. Computer lab 电脑室
Learn small conversations and small selections about the school's location.

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