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Sentence Structures of Questions and Answers for Oral Presentation

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1. The students should be able to go over the vocabulary words about numbers, colors, food, countries, clothing, body parts, family members and descriptive adjectives, getting ready for the questions and answers with simple sentence structures.
2. The students should be able to make a short conversation freely and independently in Mandarin Chinese, concerning the topics of greetings, questions and answers about name, age, grade, birthdays and telephone number.
3. The students should be able to ask and answer questions about likes or dislikes of food, clothing, colors or countries, using the sentence structure of What …do you like? Are you…? and so on.
4. The students should be able to go over the sentences of instructions and act out.
5. The students should be able to decide a theme for the oral presentation of the Mid-term examination and begin the preparation.

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