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November-December 30-Day Unit Plan

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After this unit, students will be able to …
• Recognize, remember and pronounce basic vocabularies of 12 animals; 14 colors; basic vocabs related to body parts and vocabs of 4 seasons and different kinds of weather.
• Remember and use basic sentence patterns: “Noun + 很 + adjectives.” “这是什么颜色?” “这是…色。” “____是什么颜色的?” “……是…色的。” “_____有几种颜色?” “Noun. + 变 + adjective 了。”in the correct situation.
• Recognize, remember and pronounce basic adjectives in Chinese: 大,小,高,矮,长,短,胖,瘦,可爱,可怕,冷,热,暖和 ……
• Describe animals, plants, seasons and scenery in nature in terms of simple features such as colors, sizes, length and so on by using the words and sentences they have learned.
• Make short conversations to exchange information and feelings about things in nature
• Write characters of basic and important vocabularies.

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