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Mid-autumn Festival

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1. The students know the date of Mid-autumn Festival in the lunar calendar.
2. The students can know why we celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival. Know how to say harvest and the full moon in Chinese.
3. The students can know the similarities between Chinese Mid-autumn Festival and American Thanks-giving Day. Know how to say these two festivals in Chinese. And how to greet each other on these two festivals.
4. The students can know what people do on this day. Know how to say "enjoy watching the moon, eat mooncakes, hang up lanterns, the whole family get together" in Chinese.
5. The students can know the legend "Hou Yi shot the suns" and "Chang'e flew to the moon"
5. The students know how to sing the song "the moon represents my heart".
6. The students know about the traditional game in my hometown "Mooncake Gambling". Know where my hometown Fujian is.
(This can be used for the whole week before the Mid-autumn Festival. Hope they are useful to you and you like them. Don't forget to vote for me!)