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Fruits lesson (1)

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Objective - By the end of the lesson students will be able to:
-introduce themselves and greet each other using the word (مرحبا) (Marhaban)and (صباح الخير) (Sabah Al Khair).
-Identify the colors(red, blue,green,white, black, brown, pink and yellow- gray-purple)أحمر-أزرق-أصفر-رمادي-بنفسجي -أخضر-أبيض- أسود-بني—زهري) in Arabic.
-identify the Arabic names of the fruits( apples- oranges- bananas- tamr) (تفاح-برتقال-موز-تمر-عنب -فراوله).
-use the words (I like…./I don’t like…..) (أنا أحب/أنا لا أحب).

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