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By the end of the lesson, my students at campus high school will be able to
know how to talk and express their feelings in Arabic.
فرحان – فرحانة
زعلان – زعلانة
جوعان – جوعانة
عطشان - عطشانة
غضبان- غضبانة
مندهش – مندهشة
They will ask and answer questions about others feelings.
كيف تشعر ؟
أنا فرحان
أنا زعلان
Talk about a picture and describe people’s feelings in pictures
هو زعلان
هي زعلانة
We will be dong a feeling circle in which every body welcome someone and ask him or her about his or her feeling.
If his or her feeling is a positive feeling, everybody will show his happiness towards this but if it is not a positive one everyone will show sympathy by saying " we are with you.
I expect they will struggle in saying the sentences so I will keep repeating them till they master them. .

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