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Family Members

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1.Ss can say the 12 words of family members in Chinese. (爷爷、外公、奶奶、外婆、爸爸、妈妈、叔叔、阿姨、哥哥、弟弟、姐姐、妹妹)

2.Ss can recognize different family members when I say them in Chinese.

3. Ss can say the chant

4. Ss can make a family tree

5. Ss can use the sentense pattern “这是谁,这是我的...”

6. Ss can write the Chinese characters (爷爷、外公、奶奶、外婆、爸爸、妈妈、叔叔、阿姨、哥哥、弟弟、姐姐、妹妹)

7. Ss can introduce their family by using" Hello, my name is...This is my family. This is my... His/Her name is...(你好,我叫...这是我的家庭。这是我的...他/她叫...)

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